DC Catering

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Dean & DeLuca
Dean & DeLuca has developed a catering program that promotes the celebration of food. They can bring the best that Dean & DeLuca has to offer to your table. This is just a small sampling of what they have to offer. They encourage you to use the services of their experienced event planners who will customize a menu tailored to your specific requests. From small private affairs to large corporate events, they're proud in their ability to continually surpass the expectations of their customers.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (800) 221-7714

Annie's Paramount Steak & Seafood House
In addition to their fully operational restaurant, they have expanded their banquet and catering business. With three dining areas and a spacious deck overlooking the Kent Narrows and Chester River, Annie's is a great place for your next gathering. Whether a small party, private room or an off site event, Annie's will cater to your every need.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (410) 827-7103

Furin's of Georgetown
Offering full service catering, a cafe, and a bakery with a local neighborhood charm... Focusing on attention and care of each entree,salad, business lunch and most importantly our decadent, moist cakes. With over 42 years of catering experience, a perfect catered affair is Guaranteed.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (202) 965-1000

Quite a Stir in Catering
Unparalleled professionalism, creative customized event design with meticulous attention to detail, while serving unsurpassed cuisine for gatherings from ten to thousands.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (202) 298-6818

Federal City Caterers
There are endless reasons to throw a party. Let Federal City Caterers make it memorable. They will come to your home to consult with you about your vision, and work with you to design a menu and event that has your personal touch and that's perfect for the occasion.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (202) 408-9700

W. Millar & Co.
Breakfasts, lunches, afternoon breaks, dinners and evening receptions. Their helpful staff will serve you effectively, providing you with the absolute highest level of service, and an exceptional product.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (202) 387-2216

fete accomplie catering
A full service catering company offering exquisite cuisine and personalized event planning. Nestled in the charming Bookhill, they individually create each fete to tickle the palette and seduce the eyes.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (202) 338-3383

Mindy's Catering
Customers work directly with the owners and chef ( who has been with Mindy's since its inception). In addition, staff has enjoyed long term employment with Mindy's and is considered part of the family — and it shows in all that they do. Every person who works on your event from planning to execution is focused on making a "distinctive" impression.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (202) 342-6207

C.F. Folks Restaurant
Offers catering of different occasions.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (202) 293-0162

Takeout Taxi
They combine the choice of your favorite restaurants with the pleasure of efficient delivery. For event planning, drop-off catering, meetings, parties, large or small gatherings, special occasions or when you just need to save your valuable time and desire the convenience of delivery, let Takeout Taxi be your ultimate choice and dining solution.
Location : Washington DC
Phone : (703) 578-3663