London Catering

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Culinary Catering Services
Culinary Catering Services serve the finest food and will take care of you every need by offering you full-service event planners. We take the pressure off by assisting in planning your events from start to finish.
Location : London, ON
Phone : 519.641.4725

Elite Catering
Elite Catering specializes in creating custom menus for every occasion including in home entertaining, banquet facility functions or that special picnic in the park. We care about you receiving the finest foods, prepared in the most careful, skilled ways, using the best quality ingredients.
Location : London, ON
Phone : 519-858-9900

KoKo's cafe & Catering
Residing in the heart of London, downtown 217 York Street, KoKo's cafe & Catering has been serving London locals for more than 10 years. We offer a wide range of prepared menus but are perfectly willing to assist you in developing a special menu for your particular event.
Location : London, ON
Phone : 519-858-8550

Blackfriars offers brunch, lunch and dinner. Catering is also offered. At Blackfriars we are here to ensure that food you choose will be a special part of your most special occasion.
Location : London, ON
Phone : 519-667-4930

Marshall’s Pasta and Bakery
Marshall’s pasta is a family- owned restaurant/ catering/ retail store of homemade Italian food. They specialize in making a variety of fresh pastas and sauces from scratch.
Location : London, ON
Phone : 519 672 7827