Rockford Catering

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Mary’s Market
Since 1982 Mary’s Market has been serving real food made from top-quality ingredients by people who care. Mary’s Market catering has been in the Rockford area since 1982 and we continue to grow — offering new menu items and increasing standards of service. We excel at corporate catering and off-site catering.
Location : Rockford, IL
Phone : (815) 397-7291

A Better Choice Catering
Combining 25+ years of professional catering expertise, ABC Catering is here to help with all of your catering needs. Our expert catering staff, delicious, gourmet foods, and unbeatable prices make ABC Catering a must for your next event.
Location : Rockford, IL
Phone : 815.316.3016

Chiles Catering Company
Chiles Catering Company is your catering solution for your next event. We provide first class service on-site or in select venues. Our extensive menu of the finest food selections, with additional service options, will make your event a great success.
Location : Rockford, IL
Phone : 815-484-9647

Countryside Meats & Deli
We offer a full variety of hand-cut, beef, pork, and chicken products. In addition, we also make the best homemade salads and sandwiches. For catering, we offer salads, veg-trays, hors d' oeuvres, desserts, breakfast and picnic.
Location : Rockford, IL
Phone : (815) 399-8660

Abreo Catering
Abreo Catering can handle events large or small, casual or formal. Our goal is to coordinate the details of your party with excellence so that you can have confidence in the process, be excited about your menus, and find yourself more than happy with the results.
Location : Rockford, IL
Phone : 815.968-9463